Welcome to the Expressercize: Write Answers on-line course. The creative writing exercises in this course are easy to follow and suitable for all writing levels. You do not need to be a skilled or experienced writer.

The goal of the course is to develop your voice – not the sound you make when you speak, but the unique effect you have on the world through your thoughts, beliefs, emotions, intentions, words and actions. Your voice matters.

Every day, you might deal with minor details to major life-changing situations. And every day, how you feel and what you decide to do make a difference in the world. You can consult everyone you know, even pay for professional guidance, but ultimately, the right answers must come from within you.

The Expressercize: Write Answers on-line course is designed to help you…

·         understand and accept who you are,

·         process what you’ve been through,

·         express powerful personal thoughts and feelings safely,

·         respond constructively to current circumstances,

·         better understand and accept other people, and

·         prevent or avoid some difficulties in the future.

This course will exercise and strengthen your ability to find your right answers through writing—a direct, powerful method for zeroing in on personal truths. Some of the exercises will help you develop your creativity and liberate self-expression through words, but the deeper intent of the book is to establish a meaningful internal connection to your inherent wisdom—all you were born knowing.

If you can take time to work through the course from beginning to end, great! However, it’s not necessary to do the exercises in strict order. Some concepts do build on previous exercises, but if a particular topic attracts your attention or suits your needs, feel free to explore the exercises out of sequence.

This course evolved over almost two decades of teaching a wide variety of programs on creativity and the arts, writing and self-expression, relaxation and personal development to the general population as well as to a variety of special populations, including… 

 ·         Incarcerated juveniles and adults, and students in alternative programs discovering that their voices matter.

·         Gifted and talented students exploring their creativity and channeling their energy.

·         Military, law enforcement personnel and others diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and tasked with processing life events.

·         Psychiatric patients actively seeking answers to intense personal crises.

·         Recovering alcoholics/addicts searching for their own truth.

·         Abused women and children learning to process difficult circumstances.

·         Elementary through university level education staff and faculty, and other professionals seeking enrichment and revitalization through In-service Trainings and Character Development Seminars.

All people, regardless of diverse circumstances, share the same eternal struggle to maintain mental and emotional balance while dealing with issues of family, society and self. Serious issues, like mental illness, addictions, unhealthy relationships, etc. affect many of us personally, if not first-hand, then through someone close to us.

So while every issue addressed in this course might not be relevant to everyone, virtually every family or extended group of people has some exposure to each issue. The issue of gangs is perhaps the most esoteric part of the course; however, because I’ve worked with so many people affected by street gangs, I chose to devote time to the subject. Further, the concepts of gang mentality and culture apply to many social situations common to us all.

Whether this course marks the beginning of your writing experience or adds to your collection of personal journals, I encourage you to note the date on each page and preserve your work. Every word honors all that has come before. Like the rings in a cross-section of tree trunk, what you create documents your experience, allowing you to look back at your life story and study how you’ve grown and changed with time.

The creative process is a touchstone with incomparable centering power. Even when we’re uncomfortable, living with the sense of mental, emotional and physical uneasiness during times of change, the arts can help us realize that good things are happening. Writing is both a place to seek comfort when we don’t yet recognize the new order emerging from chaos, and a way to deliberately stir up change and create a new order. Ideally, I hope the exercises in this book can help you remember what you know, be who you are, and do what you’re meant to do.