Album: Coming to My Senses
Song: Dancin’ Till The Cows Come Home  (c) 2003 Monica E. Gómez, ASCAP
Lyrics: Verse 1:  I never got my fill, don’t think I ever will, of movin’ fast, laughin’ last, livin’ for a thrill. The rhythm’s in my soul. A good quick-step makes me whole. So let’s dance until the cows come home. Refrain:  We’ll moove across the dance floor.  Feel it in your hide. Pick up speed, spin and turn, go into a slide. Well it’s udderly delightful, the best high I’ve ever known, just dancin’ till the cows come home. Bridge:  Dancin’ till the cows, dancin’ till the cows, dancing’ till the cows come home. Verse 2:  Some folks like looking cool, on a tall bar stool. They’re laughin’ loud with the crowd, but I ain’t no fool. I’m hoofin’ round the floor, always wantin’ more. So let’s dance until the cows come home.  Refrain and bridge